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Master bedroom design board for Jordan

This post if for my girl Jordan!  She is one of my best friends and I love her dearly.  If I want fashion advice, life advice, to vent, or to laugh until it hurts…she is my girl!  She has been redecorating her home over the past couple years and I’ve been helping. Recently, she wanted to tackle her master bedroom.  She loved the deep blue in “Tallulah”, but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into her home. She uses yellow and turquoise/aqua/teal accents in her home and she wanted to use them in the master bedroom as well.  I told her she could use the vibrant blue in her master bedroom along with her usual accent colors.  She didn’t believe me… until I showed her this picture.

Living room by Emily Henderson Via

I believe this room was done by Emily Henderson, but I couldn’t find a picture of it on her website.  If it’s not an Emily Henderson design, I’m sorry.

Once she believed me, we set out to find her some new furniture.  Her bedside tables were quite small and we knew those would be the easiest to replace the quickest.  A few weeks later she found some wonderful side tables that would be perfect as bedside tables in her master bedroom but they needed a lot of love.  I forgot to take a before picture,  but here they are after I painted them in a vibrant blue.

Blue bedsite tables

Now these tables are from two different  time periods but painting them the same color ties them together wonderfully.  Don’t you think? Their names are “Jamie” and “Claire.”  Jordan and I both share a passion for reading, so the names come from a series we are currently reading.

Now Jordan is a visual person (me too), and  I wanted to make her a design board for her room so she that she might have a more solid idea of what her bedroom could look like.  Jordan’s style is cheerful and a bit rustic -cottage-y.  Here you go Jordan!  I hope you like it!

Jordan's Master Bedroom
You can see all the item sources by following the link above to my polyvore board.
Here is a little insight into why I chose these pieces for Jordan.
1.  These curtains are similar to ones that she already owns and incorporate the turquoise/aqua color.
2. The headboard is also similar to the one she already owns…but if she is feeling the urge to DIY a new headboard or complete bed…here is a great tutorial from Ana White. My suggestion is to use a better quality hard wood that can be stained.  With the vibrant blue side tables and aqua curtains she needs some wood to balance it out on that side of the room.
3.  Her new side tables redone by me.
4.  Sconces from Urban Outfitters to be mounted beside the headboard so they don’t take up room on her new bedside tables.
5.  The yellow and white rug to bring that pop of yellow.  Although, this one is probably a budget breaker for most people but can be used as a guide.
6.  Date Artwork – because it’s sweet and might be a great reminder for the hubs.
7.  Jordan may be replacing her dresser and chest of drawers in the future and I felt that this one had a great finish that was still rustic but modern.  Jordan – keep an eye out for something similar.
8. Blue and white pillows with a geometric pattern to add a bit of the cottage/modern feel.
9. Deer head pillow because it’s whimsical and her husband is a hunter.
10.  Blue/teal throw.  I love how much texture this throw has and feel that it would look perfect at the foot of the bed.
She could always incorporate a mustard chest of drawers as well like the one here.
Jordan – I hope you love it!!!

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