For Myles a Painted Maple Dresser Makeover

Hello world! It has been three years since I posted anything on here, and I apologize! During that time, I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth. Someday, I may share my personal story with you, but I can’t promise to do so at this time. If you have commented or checked in on this site during that time, I greatly appreciate you! I have some ideas in the works for continuing this site, but I will also be continuing to find balance between my family, work, and this side hustle. 

Let’s get to the story of “For Myles.” I’m an aunt again! I have eight nieces and nephews now, but Myles is the name of my youngest siblings first child and this furniture makeover was done for Myles’s nursery. 

It felt great to be creative again, but please don’t judge to harshly…I realized I’m quite rusty at photographing my pieces.

I have had this solid maple eight-drawer dresser for four years. My original design plan was for white and black stripes. I actually painted it white, so the piece had to be completely stripped. The parent’s requested it be painted in this custom blue color with green undertones (I used the same custom color used on my Ian piece). Then it was time to heavily distress it and seal it. 

For Myles painted and distressed maple dresser full

For Myles painted and distressed maple dresser left side

For Myles painted and distressed maple dresser

You can see here the top of the piece was also heavily distressed as requested by Myles’s mom and dad.

For Myles painted and heavily distressed dresser left and top view

Here is a close up of the knobs from Hobby Lobby.

For Myles painted and distressed maple dresser wooden knob picture


I hope to post on here more regularly, but it won’t be just furniture makeovers. Hopefully you enjoyed this painted maple dresser “For Myles…with love” as much as I do.  


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Leggy grey desk named “Cassandra”

I picked up this leggy grey desk while driving my sister to her new home in Ohio.  I didn’t realize what was wrong with her until the ride home. She smelled so bad (the desk, not my sister), I had a massive headache after about an hour in the car.  Thankfully, it was a chemical smell.  The only thing to do…strip her with some Citristrip. During the process of stripping her, I realized that this lady had been stripped before and someone had put a couple layers of gel stain on her with out waiting for the previous coats to cure.  Bad idea, people.  Bad idea! Please don’t do that!!!  The previous owners also didn’t remove the top arch to fully strip the piece and they took an orbital sander to her legs….My mind was a whirlwind of bad words when I saw the sanding marks.  After stripping, sanding all the curves/crevices, and replacing the underside (because inside, underneath the drawers she was gross),  this lady was finally ready for a makeover!  Here she is before:

Cassandra- a leggy grey desk before picture

I’m sure you can see why I could resist the potential!  She was sturdy, but had just been mistreated. You might think that I sanded out those imperfections in her veneer…I didn’t.  Even after all that other work to undo the wrong’s done to this lady…I embraced some of her imperfections.  The word that came to mind… “wabi-sabi”…

Wabi-sabi meaning

via my pinterest (because I was too tired to find the original link)

Isn’t that what we want from others… for them to discovery beauty in our imperfections…to love us imperfections and all….I may be getting too deep for furniture, but that is how I love people and that is why I do what I do.  Here is a during picture I posted to my facebook page.

Leggy desk replacing the bottom


And here she is after all that work…

Cassandra grey leggy desk after full

I used a dry brush technique on her with one of my very favorite grey paint colors.  After the paint dried, I decided the color was lighter than I wanted, so I did a coat of stain over the paint, and then waited a few days for the stain to cure.  It wouldn’t have taken so long for the stain to cure over the paint, if I had remembered to turn my whole house humidifier down. Duh!   Finally, I sealed her in three coats of flat polyurethane for a nice subtle sheen.

Cassandra grey leggy desk top after Cassandra grey leggy desk after 2 Cassandra grey leggy desk after drawer detail Cassandra grey leggy desk after left side 2 Cassandra grey leggy desk after right side


My son named her “Cassandra,”  he said something about her leggy-ness (he’s eleven) and that she looked like a Cassandra. I went with it! I painted her drawers in Salmon milk paint and updated her knobs with these beautiful pink/salmon/grey floral knobs I found a couple years back. “Cassandra” will be for sale in my Etsy shop later today. xo Meg


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Deep green/blue empire dresser named “Ian”

Empire dresser before Picture

Empire dresser painted deep green/blue with wood knobs

Empire dresser painted in a deep green/blue with wood knobs

Empire dresser painted with a distressed top

Painted Empire dresser leg detail

Painted empire dresser styling ideas

This empire dresser was put to work over the last 89 years.  Yup, it had a sticker that dated it from 1925.  It must have been used for storing tools and motor oil in someone’s garage at some point, because no matter what I did to clean the back of one of the drawers the black oil would not come out. Anyone have advice for that kind of problem? That same drawer looks like some one used it to chop wood on the side of the drawer slide.  This piece will not be for sale, unless it is local.  Because of those items mentioned, I really want someone to be able to see this piece in the “flesh” before buying.  It’s still super sturdy and the drawers slide great, but I wouldn’t put clothing in one drawer.  We actually used this piece as a TV stand before I gave it some ‘Estuary’ style, and we stored dvds and remotes and paper in it without any issues. My sweet pup Alfie really turned on the charm for that first photo.  Poor thing looks a little naked, because we had him shaved for the summer.  He gets overheated in our muggy Southeast, Missouri summer weather.  Health before beauty for our pup.

Ian, pronounced “Ee-an,” was painted in a deep green blue, distressed, and sealed.  Guys, I absolutely love this color!!!!  I’m seriously considering painting my honey oak kitchen cabinets with it.  The lowers only, because we have a small kitchen.  Alas, that is just another project that I don’t have time for at the moment.  My original plan called for replacing the knobs, but when I got to that point, they just didn’t feel right.  So I took the original knobs and refreshed them with a couple coats of danish oil. They make him have an understated and rugged kind of handsomeness.  Don’t you think?   xo   Meg

PS. Apparently, feed-burner is not able to distribute my posts due to some plugin conflict.  I hope to have that worked out soon, but nothing is working at the moment.

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