Debut: A mustard chest of drawers

Antique Dresser before pictureThis chest of drawers was in quite a state of disrepair when I found her.  Her ninety-seven years had taken a toll on her exterior, but her drawers still opened and closed like new.  Quality construction, right there…folks.

 After creating a design plan, a lot of prep work, painting and distressing… here she is now.  Isn’t she fabulous!

Mustard dresser with black and white knobs

Mustard Dresser close-up picture with black and white knobs

Mustard dresser leg view

When picking a color, I take into consideration the shape and presence of the individual piece.  Many times design inspiration comes from family and friends (as in the turquoise sideboard).  The current piece was inspired by my grandmother. Now my grandmother is not quite the same age as this lady, but she has an unexpected inner vigor.  Some consider her sassy.  I like to think of my grandmother as spicy or zesty, which is exactly what this chest of drawers was missing. Not anymore it’s not.  The mustard color makes this piece interesting; then to top it off I threw in a little bit of chippy goodness.

I really think it would fit in any design aesthetic.  Here is another picture in a room with a non-white wall.

Mustard chest of drawers

She is for sale in my Etsy shop here. Linking up at Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Feature Friday!



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Spotted: Better Life Bags

Have you ever found yourself looking for a specific type of bag?

A camera bag.  A laptop bag… or a large enough bag to carry around everything you think you might need. When traveling I take books, notebooks, my camera, knitting projects and a dozen smaller items with me. I might have a problem!  (Don’t tell my husband about my admission.) Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpet bag where are you?

mary poppins bag

Image Source via Google image search

Oh, there you are!  The carpet bag is functional, but not quite, ahem, my style.  Does it seem like you can never find one that is stylish and functional?

While perusing Pinterest the other day, I saw a bag that seemed big enough and  it was definitely stylish. The pin led me to the Better Life Bags shop.  I fell in LOVE!  Better Life Bags are stylish, functional and you can customize them!  Exciting, right!


Item links ordered from left to right then top down 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Now that is some serious eye candy! Rebecca has fabulous basic designs, and I would buy any of them pictured above just as they are now. Stylish, check. Functional, check. Wait there is more…when shopping online, I usually want to know more about a company.  Better Life Bags mission is to make lives better.  They do this by hiring women, who otherwise are not able to obtain employment, to make their bags.  You can read more about their mission and how they give back to their community here.  I LOVE it when a company has a beautiful spirit and a fabulous product.   I’m sold and I will hopefully be ordering this lovely bag (with the darker chambray) in the near future.

Molly Chambray

Do you love companies like this too?  If so, share your favorites in the comments below.



Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.

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Debut: A turquoise sideboard with stunning hardware

This sideboard is near and dear to my heart. Not because it’s furniture, but because I designed it with one of my best friends in mind. The sideboard had clean lines and turned legs. She is strong and yet lady like. Below is a picture of her condition before I gave her a new life.

Before picture of Sideboard

Not horrible, right.  Just tired, a little scuffed up, and with pulls that were too small and boring considering her size.

So, I went to work on prepping, painting, and picking out new pulls and knobs. The pulls are fabulous, if I may say so!  I picked them because of their size and because they made me think of my friend. She is not afraid to wear big bold jewelry and belt buckles. She always looks fantastic in them too! I can’t quite pull off wearing larger jewelry, but I love the way it looks on others. Here is the sideboard after.

Turquoise Sideboard


Turquoise Sideboard picture two

Here is a close-up picture of the pulls.

Sideboard Brass PullThey are beautiful! The hardware is made of recycled brass using traditional hand-casting methods. Double score! I enjoy combining other artisans work and recycled materials. I really feel that the hardware makes this piece extra-special and completely unique.

The sideboard has other blues and greens underneath her turquoise top color.  I distressed her back to the dark wood  in some areas and in other areas back to those underlying blues and greens. She was then sealed with a custom dark wax and buffed to a satin shine.

As it turns out the friend who inspired me for this piece loved it just as much as I did and so this turquoise sideboard will be traveling across the world to live.  Match made!


Linking up at Miss Mustard Seed

I’ve linked this up before, but I needed to return the love.


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