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Daydreaming about relaxing

Sorry friends for no posts last week!  I made over an entire boy’s bedroom set and a dining room table and chairs during the past three weeks and I was just pooped.  I am working on some client pieces this week and one of my own and hope to have a Furniture Debut post up later this week.

The weather has been a bit dreary and I’ve been daydreaming of getting away.  Sometimes those daydreams are of far away exotic places and sometimes they consist of simple relaxing places. For now, I thought I would share with you a few images of  what/where I’m daydreaming about escaping too.

Daydreaming of relaxing at the lake 1

Daydreaming of relaxing at the lake Stepping stones

lake reading

lake side



camp fire

All images from can be found on my Take Me Here Pinterest Board

Apparently, I would like to go to the lake.  A week of swimming, boating, reading a good book, watching my son jump and play, and with each evening spent chatting with friends and family around a campfire would be fabulous. What kind of vacation do you want to take?  Do you just need to relax or are you ready to travel the world?




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Are you one of the “Crazy Ones?”

Crazy Genius


Original Source Quail Creative


I consider myself one of the “Crazy ones.”

Not the genius part, but I believe I can change the world. By raising my son right and by treating others with respect and love.

Side note about image source’s: The true source of an image is very difficult to find. I’ve had this pinned on pinterest for a while now and it wasn’t from the original source, not even close. So, I tracked down the original source using Reverse Google Image search. Seriously, you should check it out and use it. Then, I updated my pin with the author of the image. It’s important to me to start doing this kind of thing.

So are YOU one of the ‘Crazy Ones?’ Do you believe you can change the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.





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