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Family trip to Elephant Rock

A couple weeks back my family woke up and got ready for church. It was a typical morning with the usual banter over who would get the first shower, locating specific shoes, who was going to let the dog out…etc.

As it came time to hop in the car, we noticed our son was hesitating. He seemed…out of sorts. So we asked him what was wrong.  He turned to me and asked, “Mom, do we have to go to church today?”  I said no, and then quietly asked, “How come?”  He responded with, “I need a break.”  My heart sank.  I thought to myself, “Oh, my!  What in the world is going on?!!!!”  He explained and we decided a quick and easy family getaway was needed.  So we headed to Elephant Rock for the day.  You can read all about Elephant Rock from the link, but here are some pictures of our trip.

"E" taking off with his trusty staff

“E” taking off with his trusty staff.

Father and son at Elephant Rock

Father and son.

pretty lichen

Pretty Elephant Rock lichen.

E jumping off a rock pictures

These are the “I gave my mom a heart attack pictures and when I survived she made me do it again, so she could take some silly pictures!”
We tamed the beast.
 We tamed the wild beast.


We had a great time, talking, hiking, eating junk food in the car and just relaxing. It was good to get away. At the end of day we had talked through what was bothering him and he felt much better.  What I learned that day- Even children need a break from helping out at church; an inexpensive getaway can soothe the soul and means the most to kids; and always carry a staff.  Why? A couple hours drive north can mean snow and ice on the trail.


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Debut: Gray & black desk

This sweet gray & black desk was redone for a fabulous young man!  I seem to have lost the before picture. Oops!  So here is the after picture.

gray black desk-001

gray & black desk

gray black desk knobs

close-up of the knobs

I styled the desk with a picture from Ballard Designs titled The Inconsolable.  I fell in love with it about 3 years ago and then waited a while to purchase.  It was worth it!   The puppy in it looks just like our Alfie.  Here is our Alfie!

Our Alfie dog


Alfie in the snow

Doesn’t he look just like the puppy in the Inconsolable print!   That cute red rhino in the photo is actually an eraser!  How cool is that!



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